Simplicity is the Key to Brilliance.

Once you write your game with emo, your game runs on both Android and iOS! emo is lightweight game framework that is driven by Squirrel: object-oriented scripting language for your game logic. emo has native game engine that is based on OpenGL ES and OpenAL/OpenSL. Create your amazing games with a few lines of code with emo!


NEW: 01/25/2012 emo-framework version 0.2.0 has been released!

NEW: 10/13/2011 New hands-on guidebook (English) and hands-on guidebook (Japanese) is out!

NEW: 08/25/2011 an addictive Whac-A-Mol like open-source game "kawaz-tan tataki" has been released!

Easy To Use

You can write your game logic by intuitive object-oriented scripting language. Once you write your code your game will be running on iOS and Android! You don't have to learn Objective-C or C++, or even Java.


One of the key concepts of emo-framework is to keep it simple and lightweight in many ways. emo is driven by Squirrel that fits in the size, memory bandwidth, and real-time requirements of games. emo has native game engine which almost all codes are written in C/C++ and Objective-C, that is based on OpenGL ES and OpenAL/OpenSL.

Open Source and Free

Open Sourceemo is released under the terms of open-source license: New BSD License. You can use emo framework at absolutely free of charge. You don't have to disclose your source code even in the commercial products at no extra cost.

Available for iOS and Android

iOS and AndroidWith few steps of code you can write your game that runs on the iOS and Android. As emo engine runs on the the top of the NativeActivity for Android, emo needs Android 2.3 and above. For iOS platform emo engine is mostly written in Objective-C that runs on Apple's Foundation Framework. The latest iOS SDK is required to compile/develop your game for iOS.

Who is emo for?

As your game runs on top of the Squirrel - intuitive object-oriented scripting language, not only novice programmers but also professional game developers who are familiar with Lua (a famous game programming language in the game industry) will make full use of Squirrel in a minute because Squirrel is much inspired by the language like Lua, JavaScript and Python.

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